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January 28, 2011 Traffic and Web-Analytics, Webmaster tips

Why is my Google Analytics bounce rate ridiculously low?

´╗┐´╗┐Recently, I experienced an unusual phenomenon with Google analytics on a site I redesigned. I noticed after the redesign, my bounce rate went from about 50% to 0.85%. This is way too low for a bounce rate, which at best should hover around 20-30%. At first I was utterly overjoyed that my new design so encouraged visitors to click on other links and interact more.

Pretty soon, however, I realized that while my bounce rate was unreasonably low, my Average Time on Site was about the same. Curious! Digging through the code, I soon realized I made a stupid mistake that falsely made my bounce rate so low: I’d inadvertently included the Google Analytics tracking code both in the header (the old location) and in the footer right above the closing body tag. My mistake! Rectifying this error made my bounce rate return to normal.

Hope this helps someone struggling to comprehend absurdly low bounce rates.

8 to “Why is my Google Analytics bounce rate ridiculously low?”

  1. Alex Mason says...

    I’d had a new client which was experiencing the same thing – their site had gone through a redesign and they were ever so happy with the drop until I told them it wasn’t normal to be that low.

    Mind you, I did have to do some research to work that out and I’ve come across other people commenting on this problem that page views doubled. Whilst this isn’t something I’d noticed, perhaps you had?

  2. Cory says...

    Thanks for sharing your solution! I was wondering why a few of my sites had this problem too. Turns out, sometimes my sites would have a plugin (WordPress) generating the Google Analytics AND it was in the header template file. Oops!

  3. Shovan says...

    Thanks for the infor. I might have done the same mistake. :/ My bounce rate is only 2%

  4. erick says...

    Thank you for sharing this. I did the same and now I understand.

  5. ichnos says...

    hi, i had the same problem, now i fixed it.

    but after a whole day bounce rate remains really low (0.7% scanning stats of the day i fixed)

    how long does it take to return normal
    is it immidiate?

    • ben says...

      Yes, it’s immediate (provided you look at the current day’s stats on analytics). The problem must still exist somewhere.

      Good luck


  6. iDrop News - iPhone News says...

    I am see the same thing our our site. And to no surprise, we have the analytics in the header and the footer. Thanks for the tip.

  7. Albert says...

    Too low bounce rate means there is something really wrong!

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