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February 23, 2014 Linux Server Tips

Linux server drive filling up but with what?

I recently was diagnosing a server where the disk drive kept filling up. What’s so odd about that? Well, running “du -sc * | sort -n”¬†would show no directories larger than a couple gigs, and definitely nothing large enough to be exhausing the entire drive, yet df showed 80 gigs missing.

I finally tracked it down to a runaway squid process filling up the cache and log with entries. You see Linux won’t remove a file when it’s in use, even after you manually delete it. I was able to find the ghost file by running:

lsof -n | grep -i deleted

This command showed all open files that were deleted; IE taking up room on the disk without being visible in the file system. Simply restarting the Squid process was enough to free up the phantom space.

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