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April 25, 2014 Everything Else business, fax machine, fax to email, office

The cheapest small business fax-to-email service I can find

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After putting it off, I finally succumbed to the need to have a dedicated fax line. Yes, 1988’s hottest technology¬†is still a thing.

Not wanting to waste a small fortune getting a real phone line, and buying and maintaining an actual fax machine, I dove into the not-quite-bustling online world of fax to email services. A fax-to-email service basically is a fax number you give out as your own, however when a fax comes in, instead of rolls of thermal paper endlessly spooling out your documents, you get a nice clean PDF in your regular email instead. Very convenient.

Going over the most common choices, I found to be expensive, $10 per month? was even worse. This is OK if you’re a hardcore faxer, but it’s way too much for the very occasional use I might need. Nextiva is a bit better price-wise ($4.95 per month), however they didn’t have any local numbers. For my entire state.

After much searching for different providers and solutions involving a mismatch of VoIP adapters, wireless bridges, and all-in-one inkjets, I decided to do Google site:search on Callcentric is a great inexpensive VoIP provider I’ve used for years. They don’t advertise a fax service, but deep in their support pages I found they do offer a free fax-to-email service! You can turn any line you have hosted with them into a fax by checking a checkbox in the account page. They have free numbers in some markets, $1.95 per month for others, or go all-out with a toll free fax for $3.95 per month.

For $4 per month I now have a toll free fax line. Incoming faxes come right to my email box. I’m happy and didn’t break the bank.

NOTE: This is an unbiased review based on my own personal experience. Yours may vary. I received no compensation from any of the above providers. None of the links¬†above are affiliate links and I don’t make anything if you sign up. Or not.

Please add your experiences in the comments, I’d love to hear them!

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