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January 28, 2011


´╗┐My name is Ben and I’m a professional web developer. I dabble in many other areas of technology including Linux server administration, social networking, website operation, advertising, and much more. Here is a collection of tips that I’ve learned the hard way. I’m hoping by posting these tech tips here, it’ll help someone else.

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  1. ken livermore says...

    I cannot find an english manual for the Halex Meteor 500 dartboard, Can you help me!

  2. Tom says...

    Just letting you know that I used your page to get a copy of a Halex dart board instructional manual. Saved Christmas with my now grown children! Thanks so much for putting this site together!

  3. Stella says...

    Looking for a model 050*1 snap-on electronic dartboard manual Please help

  4. Kenneth D. Hanson says...

    Hello, I have an older halex electronic dart board I promised to give to a friends kid’s, but I don’t want to hand it over unless I can supply an instruction manual.
    I don’t see a model or serial number, this is my dilemma.
    Could I send a photo of said board and where would be the best place to send the photo?
    Thanks for your time.

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